Marine Spider Control Made Easy: How to Keep Your Dock Pest-Free

Spring has sprung, and summer is right around the corner. The weather is warming up, and lakeside living has never seemed like a better idea.

To top it all off, it’s the weekend and you’re ready to enjoy everything the lake has to offer. The boat, the crisp water, and the smooth sunshine. But first, you have to spend a few hours cleaning your boat and dock from all the spider webs that gathered throughout the winter, along with any other insects and pest problems.

Sound familiar?

We thought it might. Every boat owner has experienced the same thing. The sun is finally shining, and the weather is warm. You’re ready for a fun-filled lake day only to find out you have a spider, insect, and pest problems to clean up first. That is never a fun task.

Remove Spiders From Your Dock

Instead of adding extra work to your weekends, let our team at Abra Kadabra keep your boat, dock, and marine equipment free from spiders, pests, and other insects. Our goal is to help you enjoy your lake time even more without worry and hassle.

For years now, our professional staff at Abra Kadabra has been providing this service to our customers on the many lakes throughout our great state of Minnesota. We used to just offer this service in conjunction with our other pest packages, but now we are looking to offer this as a stand-alone service to the boaters on Lake Minnetonka and surrounding lakes.

If pests have been a dock downer for your family and your boat, it’s time to make a change. We only have so much lake time in Minnesota. It’s time to make the most of it. Keeping our lakes clean is essential here in Minnesota. As one of our most important natural resources, we know how vital protecting our fragile environment is, even when getting rid of pesky problems and spammy spider webs. That’s why we only use, environmentally-friendly products when servicing docks and marine environments.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods

We are passionate about taking care of the environment. All of the products used to service clean lake areas within 25 feet of lakes or streams are certified-organic and made of essential oils. These products prevent any pest from wanting to intrude your summer lake fun and cause damage to the docks, boats, and equipment you have invested in. But they don’t do any damage to the lake or the environment, which we think is pretty cool.

Our mean-and-green products will keep your boat, dock, and equipment without any common pest problems, like:

Now, you may be wondering how an all-natural product can eliminate all your pest problems without damaging the lake environment. We get that. We didn’t believe it at first, either. But trust us, these products do work and pests can be gone from your dock and boat in no time. Here’s how we do it at Abra Kadabra.

See, our products only use essential oils and natural spices when working around the lake. There are no chemicals in these pest elimination products. There is zero risk to the marine life of the lake, but the results above water will leave you speechless. Many customers wonder if we’re using a magic potion or something.

The plant-based insecticides in the form of “potions” have been used for decades to prevent and manage pests. Because we are incredibly passionate about caring for our planet, the team at Abra Kadabra decided to switch things up and go old school.

Nowadays, we prefer using essential oils coupled with the industry’s most advanced science. In doing so, we’ve created a product that is effective and environmentally-friendly. No more spiders or pests, but no problems with the marine life. A true win-win.

The eco-friendly formula that we are utilizing consisting predominantly of:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Thyme oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Geraniol

The oils used in our applications are found to have potent insecticidal, larvicidal and repellent properties. These oils act in various modes, but the primary mode of action is disrupting a neurotransmitter that is essential for invertebrate activity. Vertebrates like birds, fish, dogs, and humans do not have these receptors. As such, humans and marine life are not affected by the specific mode of action in our unique, environmentally-friendly oils.

How Our Marine Spider Removal Service Works

It’s simple really. Most people who live lakeside or own a boat find themselves spending more time swiping at spider webs and dealing with pest control at the lake than they’d like to. At Abra Kadabra, our goal is to eliminate this time wasted and ensure you’re able to spend more time enjoying the lake with family and friends. As such, we’re working to become the first and best pest control company offering said services on Lake Minnetonka and throughout other lakes in the area.

Services are structured monthly from April through September for a complete season of pest prevention. As a certified pest control company, we have the knowledge and necessary licensing. We already help hundreds of families with pests in your home and yard.

Now it’s time to control the pests, spiders, and insects at the lake. Here’s how it works:

  • Marine spider and pest control services start around April or May. It depends when the Minnesota weather decides to cheer up for the year. Services last through September, the
    end of boating and lake season.
  • Most docks require six total treatments throughout the boating season.
  • Our services utilize pressurized sprayers to treat the dock with essential oils and remove pests. We also remove all spider webs, egg sacks, insect nests, and more from the entire dock area and structure.
  • Generally, we schedule dock pest removal services every 21-28 days. This is dependent upon the weather and how the product holds up.
  • We can also do one-time services before an event or party you’re hosting around the lake.
  • We offer an upgrade from our standard service package to our Midas Gold Service Package. This service is scheduled every 14 days. If you’re interested in this package, get in touch soon. Our spaces fill up quickly.


There’s a little bit more to it, but the above offers a general outline of the lakeside pest control services offered by our professional team here at Abra Kadabra.

Get Rid Of Annoying Spiders On Your Dock

You spent time and money creating the perfect lakeside environment for family and friends. Don’t let a few spiders, pests, and insects destroy your investment this summer! Instead, let the team at Abra Kadabra keep your dock pest-free in and around Lake Minnetonka this year.

With our environmentally-friendly lakeside pest control services, we get rid of all the annoyances on your dock without damaging the marine habitat at all. While this can be tricky, our proven system has been shown to get rid of spiders and pests without hurting a single marine species. Our whole goal with these services is to keep your dock pest-free without any environmental damage.

High Quality Marine Spider Removal In Twin Cities MN Area

To learn more about marine spider and pest control services, contact the pros at Abra Kadabra. Our team experts will be happy to answer any questions you have and ensure you have a pest-free summer and fall.

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