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At Abra Kadabra Environmental Services, we employ a four step process to control mice.

1. Inspect: Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of home to identify areas of activity the current and potential areas where mice gained access to the home.

2. Eliminate Current Population:

 This can be done with traps or rodenticide. The benefits of traps are that they confirm elimination of mice and allow the technician to provide a higher level of service and attention to your home. It also allows a faster start on exclusion work because the existing population is eliminated more quickly.

The benefits of rodenticide are that there is less time checking traps, longer period of control and no need to deal with traps or carcasses. 

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3. Monitor: Placement and regular service of rodent stations containing monitoring bait. These would be placed on the interior and exterior of home to monitor the rodent population moving forward and is recommended to continue after the exclusion is complete. 

4. Exclude: Mouse-proof the home through sealing of the entry points utilizing the highest quality products possible. This includes an assessment that is completed during the initial inspection of the home to identify exclusion needs. Exclusion is the most effective way to prevent rodent entry to your home.

All of our rodent elimination packages include the following:

1. Full interior and exterior inspection 

2. Exclusion consultation detailing the current issues and give you our price to repair them 

3. Recommend roofline exclusion if the exterior substrate of home can be climbed by mice or other animals

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Additional Mouse Control Services

30 Day Follow Up:

  • Exclusion can be completed after this period 
  • Bait stations on interior checked and refilled/ relocated as necessary 
  • Exterior bait stations removed at this time or additional stations added if client prefers an exterior rodent maintenance program. 

Trapping Package: 

  • 6 home visits during a 2 week period
  • Initial: inspection of home
  • Exclusion assessment 
  • Placement of 20-36 multiple catch/ single catch mouse traps 

Exclusion Work:

  • Animal proofing or sealing the home 
  • In order to prevent future infestations, the exclusion is required 
  • 3 year warranty on any exclusion work we perform 


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